April  16 1 ♡


A lot has happened and I’m happy were still together having as fun as always.
She’s adorable and I’m so lucky

March  30 0 ♡

2/7/14 Hung out with her today

Haha, she’s the cutest.
She pretended to propose to me in the middle of the sidewalk

yum-and-yummer whispered: How did you two meet?

Through a summer camp years back :)

2/6/14 Her Valentines gift came in today.

I hope she likes it, I suck at giving gifts ahhhh!


her warm body 
wrapped in mine 
is all i need tonight


"your skin.."

2/5/14 Might as well make this my relationship journal.

About us:

Me; Katie 17
Her; Suzanne 15
Location; North Carolina

began dating Jan 1, 2014

She’s a sweet heart
I’m the douche-bag that she fell for.